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CREATIVE SUPPORT Basic Branding Pack Logo Design, Business Card Design, 10 Branded Media Graphics
CREATIVE SUPPORT Logo Design Pack Logo Design, Double sided Business Card design
CREATIVE SUPPORT Starter: Social Set up Platform set up, Logo and FB header design, starter user guide.

Creative Support

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*Please note you can select any 'green date' when booking but your marketing will commence at date to be agreed mutually*



 What’s included?


Logo Design Pack

We will design 3 Logos for you to select ONE. You will have two opportunities to ‘fine tune’ your favourite option. Once this has been confirmed we will send you the final Logo and a branded design for a double sided business card in a digital format for your sole use.


You will OWN the copyright to the Logo and business card (many companies retain Copyright of their designs which is often why they are so cheap!).


What do you need to do?

  1. Supply us with your social media accounts or website so we can get a better understanding of your business. If you do not have these a quick write up and a few photos will also be fine. Let us know your favoured colours (if any) or we can choose for you. The more info you give us the better!
  2. Wait until we send you 3 designs and then select ONE design.
  3. Let us know any alterations you’d like on that design.
  4. Check the proof we send you and advise further changes – if any!
  5. Send us some good quality photos and info you’d like to see on your business card. Eg. Name, email address, website, social media links etc. If you cannot supply photos or don’t want any or your card that is fine we can design for you.
  6. That’s it! We may ask you some extra questions along the way (but we may not). Now sit back and wait for the finished products to drop into your email in box.



If you have purchased the Logo Pack you will get all of the above and 10 media graphics.

For your media graphics you need to:

  1. Send us at least 12 good quality photos. We will work with whatever you send and try to improve on those. The better the quality the better the result. We may crop and use creative license on these to get an enhanced result.
  2. If you would like extra text on the image please advise us at the time of sending the photos.  For example you may want to put a price on or a hash tag (totally up to you).
  3. As a standard we will produce all graphics in a square format (ideal for Instagram). If you would like a different format please let us know but keep in mind all media graphics within the order have to be the same format.




....we are still working in this..we won't be long but if you can't wait please email us!



....we are still working in this..we won't be long but if you can't wait please email us!