Introductory Junior Half Day

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junior Introductory Half Day
Junior Clubmans Full Day
Junior Rally Solo

This voucher can only be redeemed once and must be redeemed for an activity that takes place before Fri 04 Mar 2022.

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Junior Introductory Half Day Gift your junior an awesome morning rally driving on our authentic gravel surface, handbrakes and donouts are the order of the day.
Junior Clubmans Full Day A fabulous day rally driving on our awesome gravel surface. handbrake turns, throttle off over steer, donuts and figures of 8s and much more rally driving fun.
Junior Rally Solo Introductory A private rally session. 30 minutes Brief & 30 minutes in car have the car and instructor all to your self.
Junior Rally Solo Intermediate A private rally session. 30 minutes Brief & 60 minutes in car