45 minute 'Beachy Head' Spitfire Flight Which tickets would you like?

Which tickets would you like?

  • Spitfire Passenger Flight (over 18's only) £3,950

This spitfire flight experience is available all year round weather permitting and includes:

 - A detailed pre-flight briefing covering the aircraft, equipment and safety procedures

 - Approximately 10 minutes’ taxiing and engine checks – you will re-live the emotions of the RAF pilots as they got ready for take-off

 - Minimum 35 minutes airborne in our genuine combat-veteran Spitfire: feel the vibration, hear the sound of the powerful Rolls-Royce Merlin and enjoy the experience of a lifetime!

 - Our Spitfires have dual controls

 - Experience the Spitfire Victory Roll

 - A FREE digital video of your flight experience! Show it to your family and friends, share it on Facebook, or simply watch it over and over

 - A framed signed flight certificate, a souvenir Flight Patch, Spitfire pilots notes and the opportunity to take photographs by the Spitfire you just flew