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Adult (ages 16 & up)
College Student (with valid ID) $15 on Tues & Thurs
Youth (ages 9-15) Minimum of 1 adult per reservation. (9 - 199 years)
Active/Retired Military
Private Experience for 4 (office use only:8)
Private Experience for 5 (office use only:8)
Private Experience for 6 (office use only:8)
Private Experience for 7 (office use only:8)


E- Art Gallery Heist

About / description

Steal the Statue of David & Escape before time runs out! 4-8 ppl 2 adult min. Have less than 8 & want to book room privately? Please call 715-418-0012

You've Done it!!!
You have Broken into the Point Art Gallery to Steal the only Authentic replica of the Statue of David- made by Michelangelo HIMSELF!
Upon entering the Gallery you realize quickly that the statue has been LOCKED UP FOR THE NIGHT! 
Your challenge is simple... well maybe... 
Find the Statue and Escape before the Guards get done with their  Lunch Break in 60 Minutes or less!!!