D- Jinsaw's Dungeon Shackle Escape (La Crosse) (archived)

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D- Jinsaw's Dungeon Shackle Escape (La Crosse) (archived)

You will be chained and blindfolded in this exciting escape attempt. Ages 15+ Want to book this room privately? Call 715-418-0012

Escape your blindfolds then escape your shackles... THEN SOLVE THE PUZZLE! Each member of this room is shackled and must free themselves to help their friends and escape the dungeon! The biggest challenge??? Turning on the lights in the dungeon so you can see what is going on!!! (YES this adventure begins in the DARK!)

"Jinsaw" would like to know... "ARE YOU READY TO PLAY A GAME?

ALL MEMBERS OF THIS ESCAPE MUST BE 15 YEARS OR OLDER. (No refunds will be given if reservations are made for younger participants.)

All Members must acknowledge the risk of being chained and blindfolded and No Cell phones are allowed!
Difficulty rating 4