D- Mississippi Pirate Escape (La Crosse) (archived)

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Groups will be split in half to race AGAINST each other unless the reservation is under 8 people. then you will have the option to go together in one room. (Guests choice which format they want.)

ALL BOOKINGS FOR THE RACE ROOMS ARE PRIVATE AT NO ADDITIONAL COST to add to the customer experience of racing against those yo

D- Mississippi Pirate Escape (La Crosse) (archived)


The pirates have all been captured! It's a perfect time to STEAL THEIR LOOT!

Find clues and solve the puzzles to escape before the pirates return!


Please note:

All Escapes MUST START ON TIME! If members of your group arrive late your reservation may be forfeited and/or your escape time may be shortened to maintain customer scheduling throughout the day.  Please arrive at the specified time on your confirmation letter.


AGES: 9-99 in regular admission

            Ages 6-9 may participate in any PRIVATE BOOKINGS ONLY. (Private booking fee will be added and 6-9 year olds will only be allowed to play in PRIVATE BOOKINGS)


Who can escape first? You or your friends???