C- Funeral Home Escape (Eau Claire) (archived)

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C- Funeral Home Escape (Eau Claire) (archived)

It's a great day... for a funeral??? Poor Holly has died and many came to mourn her demise... but what was that tricky cause of death and ...WAIT, what is up with that door???

Solve this level 4/5 challenge in less than 60 minutes and claim your fame on our leaderboard!

Ages 9-99 accepted at regular price. 

Ages 6-9 are acceptable but only with private or full room bookings. We strongly recommend a 1:1 ration with players 6-12 in this room.


Difficulty: Advanced


Please note:

All Escapes MUST START ON TIME! If members of your group arrive late your reservation may be forfeited and/or your escape time may be shortened to maintain customer scheduling throughout the day.  Please arrive at the specified time on your confirmation letter.