C- Pipe Works Escape Competition (Eau Claire) (archived)

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C- Pipe Works Escape Competition (Eau Claire) (archived)

Pipe works is Wisconsin's 2nd Escape Competition Room. 

Be prepared to split up and Compete to save the city!


Please be aware that groups will be combined with other groups unless the private booking option is used and this may impact what style is run.

If you prefer to guarantee your group competes alone or will not be split up please select the private booking option or fill the room to lock the type of room that you want. 


Difficulty level= intermediate

Solve this room in less than 60 minutes and beat your competition!


Ages 9-99 accepted at regular price. 

Ages 6-9 are acceptable but only with private bookings.  We strongly suggest a 1:1 ratio with participants 6-9.


Please note:

All Escapes MUST START ON TIME! If members of your group arrive late your reservation may be forfeited and/or your escape time may be shortened to maintain customer scheduling throughout the day.  Please arrive at the specified time on your confirmation letter and be ready to begin.